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Spilled Paint, featuring this weeks artist ; Madador

AH: What are you most inspired by on a daily basis? And how

Matador: I’m inspired by a lot of things, but if I must pick something I’m inspired by on a daily basis, I have to say it’s love.

All of the other emotion evoking ideas ultimately have love as the most common denominator when you break em down…

I faun all over my angry expressions, but they stem from wanting peace, love, and understanding.

I look for the positive side of every single issue, if possible, even in the grossest of settings and subject matter…. I’m the most positive guy I know, but it’s because I have to be… I start with the heart of ideas that are hard to address, and try and connect it to a commonality that anyone can relate to…. I wake up looking for something current, that I can provide an emotional snap shot of, and force my audience into having a visceral reaction…

AH:What’s your favorite art piece to look at and why ?

Matador:Kinda cryptic, but I could have Trent Reznor videos repeating on every screen I see.

Especially the ones that feature a creature decaying and becoming part of the life cycle again. Something about art that portrays the idea that nothing is ever completely over and finished. We are constantly evolving and transforming into the next versions of ourselves. Interactive and submersion art turns me on the most. Art that can never be looked at the same way twice. Art that lives along side of us. Part of the reason I mess with light elements in everything I create.

AH: What’s your favorite mantra and what does it mean to you?

Matador: Favorite Mantra at the moment,,,

Nobody else is gonna be the best you,

There’s no better time then now.

AH: A piece of advice you would give your younger self as an artist looking back now

Matador: Best advice I could give my younger art self???

Don’t wait so long to begin trusting yourself and the process. Ya don’t have a process??,, just follow your heart and keep giving art to the people you love, and selling it to those who love it without fully knowing what it means.

The two of them equal each other out.

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