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"New Studio" Art Haus

Silently and swiftly we moved into a whole new space. We had our minds set on finding a studio, but never imagined what we could have achieved in such a short time.

The terrible yellow was the first thing to go, along with the dust and dirt that seemed to coat every surface! We painted for the for 2 days and it felt like we only slept,

This is when we had finished the main studio section. We started bringing in our things and making it a usable space. We are very excited at this point! All things go!

We waisted no time when it came to making it a vibe. We brought in artist friends of ours to give it a makeover. Have a look at how far it has come in only 3 days!

In total we used almost 10 gallons of paint to cover the office, main studio, "Hypno Hideout", and bathroom.

The work never really stopped. We went right into putting art on the walls. Here is how that went. Got a u-haul to move a large load of items in as well. Things are moving right along!

That is a sneak peak on what the next blog is about! What did we do next?

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