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Low-key Creative Spilled Paint

AH: What do you aspire to do as a street artist?

Joshua - When I was younger I know I was misguided or had lack there of. I know for most kids all it takes is that one spark, whether it be a sport or music they become interested in. For me it took something a bit more intriguing, also knowing I wasn’t really cut out for music or sports. I felt lost for a while…not knowing what I was built for good at so it made me a bit of a trouble maker….that is till I found street art and graffiti. It was an instant love and spark I can’t exactly describe but it saved me and changed the kid I once was into the artist I am today. That love is the message I’m trying and hope to spread through my work. I always create with the best of intentions and through my work I hope to inspire the next kid who comes from a similar place as me.

I’m not the greatest at writing so if there’s anything that sounds off or needs correcting please feel free to let me know

AH: That’s awesome! I love that, that! That’s leads me into asking Where does the inspiration from your house characters come from?

Joshua - My house/birdhouse characters come from me feeling a disconnect with my home and myself. They originally stemmed from feeling lost in both. Not knowing what home was supposed to feel like and if I was going to ever find that place I’d call home. Not understanding why I had the anxieties I had at such a young age. So the idea for the house characters came about when I was trying to find a way to represent finding comfort in feeling lost. Home is everyone’s safe space so I knew that was the best way to describe these feelings through these whimsical characters.

AH:What is your personal favorite wall you have created over the years?

Joshua - Hmm that’s tough to say. I think all of them share an equal space in my heart. Each one had its own mishaps and learning curves. I met amazing people and share a lot of special moments on each project individually.

Each project has been a constant piece to this never ending puzzle of growth. I think they’re so just as important as the last. From the biggest mural to the smallest. The most complex and detailed down to the simplest of murals. They’re all my favorite!

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